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Friends for a decade and resident disc jockey's in their hometown of Lucerne Switzerland, Sandro Endrighetti and Renato Abate were destined to become the successful musical duo known today as Panevino.
Winter 2004 is where the story began. Panevino was given their first opportunity to make a name for themselves in the house scene. They were asked to create a remix of the world-wide club anthem, "Back Together" by Hardsoul & Ron Carroll. The remix was an instant crowd pleaser which inspired the further continuation of their musical collaboration. Sandro and Renato decided to quickly get back to work in the studio.After months of hard work and loads of unfinished projects they managed to produce their first debut singles, "Life and Love EP" and "Nobody's Dreams EP". Both of these projects were released by the respected American label, Look At You Records.
This was just the beginning…A year later Renato and Sandro decided to take things a step further in the music industry by creating their own label, "Panevino Music". With their first two releases in December 2006 and January 2007 they have already exceeded all expectations. Their 2nd release entitled "Don't Waste My Time" was a huge success and received licensing deals on cd compilations such as Hed Kandi and Pacha Funky Room.To follow their musical journey, Panevino had no choice but to continue what they had started. The duo released yet another original single entitled "The Way I Am" with a stunning remix by the talented producer, Richard Earnshaw. The single received excellent reviews and was played by top notch disc jockeys at the 2007 Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida. It was only a matter of time before the more established labels would reach out the talented duo.
In 2008, Panevino was invited to join the Purple Music family as exclusive Purple Music Artists. Their first single entitled "Freeze The Frame" is due out shortly with high anticipation. Being affiliated with such a high caliber label, Panevino is destined to reach new territory in the house music industry. Their own label "Panevino Music" will be exclusively manufactured and distributed by Jamie Lewis & his Purple Music label.
Thanks to the overall positive reactions and the excellent feedback from well-known DJ's and producers all over the world, Panevino is well equipped for the future.
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