Princess of Control in Control Club

This summer, the Princes of Control will bring you the freshest, most wicked and energetic electronic music straight from the depths of the UK with the inevitable influence of the London underground scene.
Princes of Control consists of two members, Dani and Timo, two long term friends, who after different musical attempts have now decided to go for what they know best - massive tunes and heavy bass. Dani´s playful ambitions toward new styles of mixing and Timo´s studies of music production have merged into staggering effects on the beats. Their style ranges from dubstep and dnb, over to electro and psy with DJ influences from Nero, Netsky, Subfocus and others.
Opening for the Princes, a fresh fan of dreamy techno and idm creations brings his own view of continental electronics. Starting 22oo, La Void presents the first set of pill ever heard.  Also added to the line-up we have our own princess. We present miss Kiyaa, managing your epic-chilled playlist in the front. Whenever the Princes will wear you out, she’ll repair you with dreamy tunes ranging from idm to post-rock.
Princes of Control DJ Set, Thursday the 14th of July, starting h23oo. We’ll be expecting you with friendly offers on long-drinks.
Free entrance. Adults only.  Club Control is on Str. Academiei, no. 19, in the gangway.
Brought to you by The Breakable Spoon.
  Princes of control dubstep promomix by Princes of Control 

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