#concurs: Ego Summer Mission ☀ Dennis Ferrer ☀ MoonSound ☀ Radu Crișan

The Mission si Urban Things te invita la concurs. 2 invitatii  duble valabile pentru  
Ego Summer Mission isi asteapta posesorii.
Pentru a intra in concurs lasa un mesaj pe pagina de FB a Urban Things cu numele invitatului special.

Castigatorii vor fi anuntati, vineri, 8 iulie.

Welcome Summer!!!
When you think of those long SUMMER
NIGHTS, you think of all the memories, the
friends and the good times that you once had...
EGO SUMMER MISSION brings back those
exact feelings, those long summer nights we all
crave for...
THE VENUE is part of the experience...
EGO Club Mamaia has also a POOL AREA
We can start the night slowly, by the lovely pool, enjoying
the sunset where the likes of Dennis Ferrer, MoonSound and Radu Crișan will blow our minds away with their music.

By the way, did we mention that the sun rises
from the sea? (ideal sunrise spot - POOL AREA)



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