Djane Sabatine mixeaza in Frame Club

House Generation is a theme of a “Friday Night Party” in Bucharest, where new Djs and Producers are presented to the large audience of house music. We support new talents, aspiring Djs, live-act-ing producers, but we also present some of the big names that are already known for their way of showing the real house music to the party people.

This Friday, in collaboration with Urban Bookings, we will present you a very talented artist.
Djane Sabatine – Amsterdam, NL

As a DJ, her sets build from minimal influenced tech-house tracks that progress with expert precision to spine sexy progressive tunes to damage dance floors were ever she goes.

A being of future, Sabatine performs using digital technology which makes her style more versatile than ever and you will be surprised by the technicality reflected in her performances whether is live or using Traktor.
Step into Sabatine's universe and witness your awakening each night…

Alongside Sabatine, also a talented Dj and producer, Octav Paul will do the shaking and the breaking, the rhythmical and the sequential, from the first beat to the last drop.

The last one, but actually the first, because he will be responsible with the warm-up of the night, John Sampler, a young new talent in the house music scene, will move you in a way you will be able to discover only by dancing in front of the Dj Booth while he is playing.

Date & Time: 11.11.2011 23:00h (GMT+2)
Location: Frame Club
Address: Bd. Magheru 38, Romana Square, Bucharest, ROMANIA
Line-up: Djane Sabatine, Octav Paul, John Sampler
Entrance Fee: 10 Ron / 3 Euro (1 Free Drink included)

RSPV: & +40 730.117.703
House Generation Bucharest:
Frame Club info:

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