Manifesto per un Dadaismo Ludico Lirico - Albano Morandi

The research conducted by Albano Morandi can be interpreted through the lens of latency, which influences both his work and his creative method: his works, be they single pieces intrinsically complete, or installations - and invasions – of the space in different sizes, or cycles of images in dialogue among them, starting from a theme that multiplies in endless variations, always spring from and lead to an unresolved process of appearance, an indefinite revelation, an undeclared recognition.

Latent, as the word itself implies, indicates an action that is still in progress: it comes from the Latin verb “latere”, it implies something that is hidden, but could come into view; that is under the surface, but might somehow emerge; something disturbing, unsettling, subverting, while remaining in a state of potential tension, a vaguely restless rest.

Latent is an oxymoron, latent is what is revealed while hiding: it might come into one’s sight or it might be forever confined in an in-between state linking the perceptible and the unconscious.

His practice of Surrealism, seen as the continuous sedimentation, surfacing and provocation offered by images, which, at different levels, impress, inspire and encourage the mind’s eye of the observer, belongs to him and merges with that suspended Dadaism, never aggressive but deeply urging, that all his works actually contain, from their genesis to their making and their relationship with the public. 

Probably for this reason, the artist issues a manifesto, i.e. a text and an exhibition project, in which he declares his aim with programmatic clarity; and immediately after he contradicts his intentions, calling it "a lyrical playful Dadaism."

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