Fuorisalone: Be More Creative!

With Lectra's product development solution, you can automatically ensure data transfer and coherence between 3D and 2D, giving you the freedom to adapt models with speed and precision, and move quickly into production. Photorealistic rendering lets you explore the possibilities of embedded technology, modularity and customization at the earliest stage, so that you can offer consumers the broadest choice of styles, sizes, colors and materials.

See Stanislas Joly interview, Sylvian Joly Design Studio about the virtual prototyoing seen by a designer.

With increased choice comes increased opportunity for error. Lectra's 3D software lets you create and work on a virtual prototype to iron out problems before incurring the expense of a physical model. You can therefore avoid costly mistakes in design, prototyping and production.

The idea of 'smart living' is driving demand for upholstered furniture with built-in technology. Lectra's expertise in "simplexity", making complex systems simple, will help you streamline your entire process and seamlessly integrate these new requirements into your supply chain.....from the sketch  to the final product.

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