MadPiano 3Y Anniversary - Zefzeed / Paul Agripa / Paul Popa

Odată cu aniversarea a 3 ani de existență, MadPiano își anunță prezența în cel mai intim local din centrul capitalei, Motiv.
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Zefzeed (All Inn Black, Body Parts, Arria)
His first encounter with electronic music was around 1997 through foreign radio station of that time.
He started mixing in 2005, after he discovered the mirage of combining tracks in a small local club in Timisoara. After a while he started his residency at No Name club in Timisoara, where he had the chance of sharing the decks with some renowned names in the electronic music scene.
The producing process started more seriously in 2009 , when he released first with some digital labels.
In 2013 he releases the first record signed with BodyParts Records and after that he started to work only with vinyl record labels such as All Inn Records, MAYAK, FarFrom Normal and more.
In present he is working alot and loves to experiment with sounds, but always happy to share the vibe with the crowd on the turntables.

Paul Agripa (Cuplet)
Paul Agripa is already a well-established name on the local scene, making his way towards our beloved group of Romanian artists who not only deliver music - but they deliver a story, a dream... a fairytale.

His career so far has been driven by passion and the crowds know this - always smiling and enjoying the music he is playing, he is one of the DJs that create a sense of happiness and pure joy in the lucky crowds that get to experience his sets.

Paul Popa (Varme)
Dripping a bit of acid over techy streamlines, slipping graciously from techno to minimal house and back, not neglecting sunnier forms of deep house... hard to describe Paul Popa's eclectic record selection, refined in the many years spent in Bristol's haze. Residing now in Bucharest, Paul is working into launching his own label , Varme, where he will showcase rising talents of this ever-growing electronic music industry. Paul has shared the decks with the likes of XDB, Cassy, Steffi, Andrew James Gustav, Z@p, Alex Picone & Etienne to name a few.

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