Philippe Model at the Fuorisalone 2017 with Sebastian Erras

The Parisian-born sneaker brand is set to explore this year’s Fuorisalone through a special digital project in collaboration with German photographer, Sebastian Erras.
Philippe Model has chosen Erras to represent the double personality defining the brand ever since its birth; classic Parisian tradition combined with high-end Italian craftsmanship.
The photographer, who lives and works in Paris, is the creative mastermind behind an original Instagram project which sees him on a quest to find the most peculiar mosaic and marble floors. Once he finds the ideal spot, Sebastian takes an overhead shot of his feet while standing on it.
Alongside him Philippe Model aspires to narrate the Fuorisalone 2017 from an unconventional point of view, the sneakers embodying the heart and soul of an extraordinary photo-discovery of the most interesting pavements of Milan during Design Week.
Follow Sebastian’s steps on the IG account: @philippemodelparis
Visit the website:

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