Lea Rasovszky - I Am At My Most Beautiful When I Am Alone

Mobius is delighted to present I Am At My Most Beautiful When I Am Alone, a solo exhibition of works by Lea Rasovszky, curated by Diana Marincu. The exhibition is on display from December 7th through January 31st.
An opening reception will be held from 7 pm to 10 pm, on Thursday, December 7th.

"The beauty of loneliness is something we don't talk about enough. About the moment when someone's face blossoms in the dark like a rare plant that will never become extinct. Lea Rasovszky's portraits in ceramic do not transpose her drawings into solid matter, but continue them in a relentless effort to discover their boundaries. Where exactly is the boundary between me and you, where does the contour of the face end and a landscape begin, where is the pure air and what's the purposefully sculpted void? The life of a line drawn becomes a fold in porcelain imbued with sleep, silence and peace. Every splash of color transforms into topographical indices that place the character in a diorama of solitude." (Diana Marincu, curator)

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