Review: Low-fi - What We Are is Secret

Low-Fi is an Electrorock/New wave band from Italy, they'll release their new LP "What we are is secret" in February 2012 on Octopus Records and are ready to play aournd world again.
The Lp opens with "Something", a hypnotic track with great female vocals that just bring a plus to entire melody that has a strong brit sound. "Daylight" is coming a little bit harder just to ensure that the listener is ready for the next tracks, and again we can sense a strong British influence on a track that is a real crowd stormer. "Dead Disco Syndrome" is a really rocker, a massive track that succesfully combines electro and indie sounds, and for sure it's gonna be a huge stormer in live shows of the band, to create a massive dance feeling that will make you go insane.
"Speed Control" is, what most of you would call, "an indie classic". The voice is just at the right point, you can loudly hear the drums and guitars and, again, you'll have the feeling that you're listening to one of thosegreat British bands. "What we are is secret" with Alessandra Gismondi, one of my personal favourites of this LP, is a track that will again induce you in a state of hypnosis, and for sure, if promoted, will be one of the indie anthems in the days to come. "Private Revolutions" featuring No More is a classic revolution song that will for sure make young revolutioner hearts go mad and, again, will for sure be one of the main attractions in a live show of Low-Fi. "The Evidence of a Missing Link" with Din A Tot and Sexinspace is another massive crash between alternative and electro sounds featuring some massive female vocals that will make you lose yourself on the dancefloor. "On the Scene" is anothOcer indie anthem that will enchanter your heart with it's dynamic sound and fabulous vocal. Going back to the electro-alternative sounds we find "Steinhaus" a track that will magically carry you in a state of dream through it's vocals and guitars that create the scene for a lullaby running on the lyrics. "Piano Metal" is a classic alternative track that proves even more the value of this great new band that is Low-Fi.
Low-FI is a Italian band that you should keep an eye out and be sure not to miss their live shows because if these tracks sound amazing on the Lp, the real energy has to be, for sure, released in their live gigs.

Many thanks to Alex from 3 Sides Agency for sending us this amazing record.

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