Control Club: Maschine 5 years - 09.10 - 11.10

Maschine 5yrs / Petre Inspirescu, Alex.Do, Lowris, Vril(live!), Paul Popa, Dreamrec
day one
Paul Popa [Varme]
Vril live [Dystopian, Giegling, DE]
Alex.Do [Dystopian, DE]
acces 10 lei < 12 PM < 20 lei

day two
Lowris [Concrete Music, FR]
Petre Inspirescu [a:rpia:r]
acces 20 lei < 12 PM < 30 lei

When it comes to the Romanian side of electronic music, one of the first names that comes in our mind is Petre Inspirescu. Previously known as Pedro, the co-founder of the [a:rpia:r] label is one of the most complete and valuable artists that we have, both as a producer and as a DJ. A musician that is highly-respected by concepts like fabric, ARMA17 or Yojik ConCon(when it comes to a more classical approach of the music), we are happy to be able to celebrate alongside him in such a nice venue as the Berlin Room.

He will be joined on Saturday evening by Lowris, resident DJ of Concréte Paris. An experienced sound engineer, he evolved from a talented producer to a successful label manager. Being involved also in CrazyJack Records, helping in their management, he is one of the most beloved French musicians and with good reason, since his performances allowed him to be heard all over in Europe and not only.

Coming from city of Berlin is Alex.Do, one of the most promising young talents of Dystopian and the techno capital of the world. An artist that will introduce you to his melancholic and introverted perspective of electronic music, we are sure that you will enjoy his ability to deliver a little spacey feeling on our dance floor.

Dystopian is also represented by one of their best live performers, as Vril is about to make his debut in Bucharest. A renowned artist with constant gigs outside of Germany, after playing for us he will also deliver some great performances for Kanal Royal in Austria and for Bassiani in Georgia, just before joining the ADE hype the following weekend.

Last but not least, one of our favourite homegrown artists will make his appearance for us as usual. Paul Popa is one of those DJs that can always spread some groovy vibes in order to start the party in the perfect manner, so be wise and catch him on Friday night.

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