Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke present: "PERSEVERANTIA" - 21 mai

Danielle de Picciotto (Crime & The City Solution) and Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) present : "PERSEVERANTIA"

Their work is unconventional and versatile. The German-American artist couple Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke are internationally known. She is the cofounder of the Love Parade, he a founding member of the band Einstürzende Neubauten and both of them together members of "Crime & The City Solution".
Since 2010 they have been leading a nomadic life, touring the world with music and theater projects: "The Ministry of Wolves" with Mick Harvey of “the Bad Seeds”, "The Glass
House" with Jim White (Dirty Three), and David Eugene Edwards (Wovenhand), also doing readings of their respective memoirs, or workshops and lectures on the cause of their restlessness: gentrification, the erasure of the individual, the rising cost of living and the relentless marketing and sellout of all values by the industry. "As an artist you have to find new ways to work with integrity in art and music. The old patterns no longer function. "

Noticing that their nomadic travels quickly turned into an internal, intellectual and spiritual query the artist couple realized that this could be the way to find solutions. For the attentive listener "Perseverantia" reveals some of their discoveries.

The album is mainly instrumental with a few spoken word lyrics by Danielle de Picciotto. Together with the throat singing by Alexander Hacke, the purr and the squeak of the hurdy-gurdy and autoharp, the melancholic melodies of the violin and hum of Hacke´s bass and guitar, an acoustic world of mysteries floats out of the loudspeakers comparable to a passing landscape or film guiding lost souls through barren, desert riddled settings into beautifully lucious valleys and snow capped mountain peaks.. In the title track “Perseverantia" the couple sings of persevering as if reminding themselves and everybody listeneing that this is one of the secrets. We all walk on the razors edge and do not know where it will lead us. To successfully achieve a beneficial goal, we need one thing above all: endurance.

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"Grace" from Danielle de Picciotto on Vimeo.

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